Thank You To Our Sponsors

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thank You

Thank you to the corporate sponsors who have contributed to the success of the Oviedo Gathering. From its inception, the Gathering was meant to be neutral and not sponsored by a local church body. The idea is for local businesses to support the event on behalf of a community that has supported them. We don’t solicit support from individuals, because we believe it is important that personal resources contribute to the great work of our local churches. Both cash and in-kind contributions have been made to a registered 501c3 called “Community Gathering Inc.” All gifts are used to exclusively support the Oviedo Gathering event itself and are tax deductible. There are no administrative expenses as the board of directors and officers are volunteers.


If you would like to explore a sponsorship opportunity, please let us know by connecting with us via the website. Our contact information is listed under the “Contact” tab. It’s a great way to give back to our community and see the love of Christ in action. The goal of fostering “Unity in our Community for Christ” is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, and we appreciate any level of support.